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Please help me in supporting . They rescue township dogs here in Cape Town. I also support International Animal Resuce, a UK based organization which does good work with animals all over the world, including the street dogs in India, where Leela and Rishi were born. . I visited their facility in Goa in Dec 2008 (when I found Rishi in Mumbai) and took a big donation of toys, collars, leashes, towels, and medications from friends and vets in NYC so anything is appreciated. Please support when visiting Mumbai. Monetary donations cannot be accepted from overseas for Welfare of Stray Dogs (wsd), but any support or donations are much appreciated if you are in India.

See also . Both Leela and Rishi's stories are on there if you scroll back. My friend Rajashree, who runs the blogspot, adopted Rishi's sister in Dec 2008. It is also a great way for yogis to know about the dogs in India and the needs there.


Sipho joined our pack in early August 2010. He was picked up by African Tails on the rubbish dump in one of the townships near Cape Town a week earlier. He was all alone trying to find some food at the tender age of 10 weeks. He is a truly lovely puppy! His name, Sipho, (pronounced seepaw) is a Xhosa word which means 'gift'. He is a gift from Nature.
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